WACV, 2024 PMI Sampler: Patch Similarity Guided Frame Selection for Aerial Action Recognition
Ruiqi Xian Xijun Wang Divya Kothandaraman Dinesh Manocha

Arxiv UAV-Sim: NeRF-based Synthetic Data Generation for UAV-based Perception
Christopher Maxey Jaehoon Choi Hyungtae Lee Dinesh Manocha Heesung Kwon

EMNLP 2023 APoLLo: Unified Adapter and Prompt Learning for Vision Language Models
Sanjoy Chowdhury* Sayan Nag* Dinesh Manocha

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Media Coverage

GAMMA Wins IEEE IROS Best Paper Award in Agri-Robotics on Crowd Simulation
Advancing Ground Autonomy: UMD-ARL Collaboration Strides in ArtIMAS Research
Amazon Scholar Ming Lin Discusses Fashion Technology
RECAP: Elevating Audio Captioning with Retrieval-Augmented Models
UMD Computer Science Researchers Recognized at SIGGRAPH's 50th Anniversary
Researchers Develop and Test AI Text-Detector Tools
GAMMA work on Deepake nominated for UMD Invention of the Year Award
GAMEOPT: An algorithm to optimize the flow of vehicles through dynamic unsignalized intersections
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News & Events

GAMMA Team wins Best Paper Award at IROS 2023 Conference
Xiyang Wu recieved a best paper award for intent-aware planning via distributed multi-agent reinforcement learning at the Advances in Multi-Agent Learning workshop
Peng Gao received a best paper award on Agri-Robotics for his work on cross-view and cross-modal collaborative perception
Dinesh Manocha received Google Faculty Award
UMD Computer Science Researchers Recognized at SIGGRAPH's 50th Anniversary
Yiling Qiao received Meta PhD Fellowship
UMD GAMMA Group Awarded Best Paper Honorable Mention, at 2023 IEEE VR
Adarsh Jagan Sathyamoorthy received the Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship